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Overview of New & Renewable Energy Sectors in India

Energy Efficiency Scenario in India

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  has emerged as India’s leading and premier portal offering information on infrastructure & core sector industries with top search engine rankings and is well known to the key players in India & abroad. Since early 2000, IndiaCore addresses needs of a sector that immensely values information services offered by us. 

It is the only comprehensive content driven portal in India that links up the entire infrastructure & core sectors in a unique manner. On the one hand, it provides precise information and news updates on each of these sectors, and on the other hand, it provides an opportunity to various players in the sector to explore business opportunities. It is also a meeting ground on the net for various players to share their views and opinions.

The site provides:

• value-added information & policy analysis
• infrastructure & core sector overviews
• news updates & current developments focussing on the infrastructure & core sectors
• market opportunities in the Indian infrastructure & core sectors, buy & sell opportunities
• interviews, bulletins, articles
• project watch
• who's who listings & industrial directory
• IndiaCore online book store
• EnergyExchange- a facility exclusively dedicated to energy & power issues
• important links
• Law Centre- a facility dedicated to legal and regulatory issues in infrastructure & core sectors
• jobs & careers
• upcoming events & conferences
• news archives

Site Structure

The Site is divided into three distinct sections:

1. free to access sections like sector overviews, online book store, upcoming events & conferences, etc
2. registration based access controlled free sections like interviews, bulletins, articles, etc
3. registration based ‘Paid Members’ only sections like value-added information & policy analysis, news updates & current developments, market opportunities, project watch, who's who listings & industrial directory, jobs & careers, important links, law centre etc

Visitor Profile of

Visitors to include overseas investors and industry players having interest in Indian Core Sector and representing the high-end market in this sector. These visitors are high net worth individuals and senior decision makers in the industry, government, financial institutions and multilaterals. They have powers to either take decisions or to influence decisions with regard to policies, contracts, purchase, business development, market strategies and recruitment.

What kind of audiences can I reach via

• Government Functionaries • Decision Makers • Overseas Investors
• Company Executives • Professionals • Research Scholars
• Journalists • Academia • Students Clients

We have a large number of dedicated clients comprising of global fortune 50, 100, 500 companies, large Indian industrial conglomerates, government departments, energy giants, equipment & machinery suppliers, EPC contractors, power utilities, oil & gas cos, financial institutions, investment banks, international law firms, state electricity regulatory commissions, state electricity boards, consultants & advisors, consulting engineers, insurance companies, Indian & foreign diplomatic missions amongst many others.

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The site enjoys top ranking amongst various search engines. We are providing an indicative list of our rankings on the most popular search engine-

Search Phrase

Google Ranking
(as on 01/10/2011) (dd/mm/yyyy)

Non Conventional Energy Resources


Indian Wind Power Directory


Electricity Distribution India


India Core


Distribution India


Non Conventional Energy Sources


Power Distribution India


Thermal Power India


Green Power India


Green Power 5


Green Power 4


Water India


Water India 4


Drinking Water India


Urban Infrastructure


Urban Infrastructure India


Indian Roadways


Key Personnel India


Key Personnel Energy India


Core Sectors in India


Conferences in India

1 & 4

Overview of Power Sector in India


Directory Energy India


Directory Power India

2 & 6

Electricity Act 2003


Railway Sector India


Oil & Gas in India


Core Sector in India


India Infrastructure Sector


Indian Infrastructure


Indian Tourism Industry


Book Store in India


Power Sector in India


Power Directory India


Core India


Renewable Energy India


Conferences India


Insurance Sector in India


Coal Mines in India


Energy India



Advertising Properties on

a) Fixed banner/ logo space advertising
b) Ad spots in the E-zines (electronic newsletters)
c) Exclusive digital mailers/ email campaigns
d) Custom microsites
e) Innovations & value added services
f) Advertisement space in our industry leading print publications

a) Fixed banner/ logo space advertising

This is an efficient, cost-effective means to increase visibility of your product and reach your target audience. Fixed Space Advertisements are available on certain specific sections and pages of the website. These advertisements are not impression based or on rotation. An advertiser blocks a banner space on a specific channel/ section on the website for a certain time frame. The banner remains visible to all users at that space throughout the number of days specified in time frame.

The Homepage is the most sought after property of as it is the most visited page and gets the maximum traffic. Advertisers get the maximum visibility and exposure through their presence on the Homepage.

IndiaCore promotes and/ or organises issue based event/ conferences in partnership with key industry representatives and associations. The event details are provided on the site and the entire event promotion is site centric. The delegates, exhibitors are encouraged to register & pay online. If you have product/ service related to the theme of the event/ conference you could take up ad space to reach out to this highly focussed audience.

Advertisement Properties Display Pages
Bottom Sticky Band of size 700 x 80  pixels (non animated) Home Page Only
Horizontal banner of size 320 x 100 pixels Home Page Only
Vertical banner of size 120 x 300 pixels Home Page Only
Logo of size 150 x 70 pixels Home Page Only
Top banner of size 468 x 60 pixels All Except Home Page
Vertical banner of size 120 x 600 pixels All Except Home Page
Logo of size 160 x 65 pixels All 1st level pages & sector overview pages
Logo of size 160 x 65 pixels Event/ Special Projects pages

b) Ad spots in the E-zines (electronic newsletters) communicates with a large database of interested key decision makers within the infrastructure community on a regular basis through E-zines (electronic newsletters). These newsletters provide information updates on policy, company & product developments, events, happenings, latest publication releases, special features in the core sector. They update the consumers on the latest & the best offers offered by the trade and provide them with comprehensive information of the latest industry trends.

E-zines offer the advertiser a premium media vehicle to directly reach this targeted audience. This is the most effective and efficient tool to reach out to the fraternity as there is no inertia involved from the subscribers/ receiver as it directly gets into their mailbox and they have specifically chosen to receive information that interests them. Because of this, they look forward to receiving the emails that contain your ad.

Advertisement Properties Display Pages
Top banner of size 468 x 60 pixels Newsletter + Newsletter page hosted on the Site
Vertical banner of size 120 x 600 pixels Newsletter + Newsletter page hosted on the Site
Logo/ Banner of size 160 x 65 pixels Newsletter + Newsletter page hosted on the Site
Editorial Feature with promotional and image (max 300 words) Newsletter + Newsletter page hosted on the Site+ Feature Page
Text Write Up & Link (max 250 words) Newsletter + Newsletter page hosted on the Site

c) Exclusive digital mailers/ flyers

We can send your message on an exclusive basis to our subscriber/ customer database of interested key decision makers within the infrastructure community through digital mailers. This is a premium media vehicle to directly reach a highly focused audience of key decision makers. We run limited email campaigns in a month to make sure our lists are not bombarded with mails.

Advertisement Property Display Pages
Exclusive digital mailers/ flyers Customised Email + promotional/ landing page on the site

Rates are based on size, format (text/ HTML) and total number of emails. Please contact us for specific charges

d) Custom microsites

A customized microsite consisting of 5-6 web pages can be created and hosted on (for minimum 2 months) with a logo link from our home page. The micro site can have all information of your organization/ brand. The content and site design will be provided by the client.

We can also design your complete microsite/ digital brochure on the net (charges extra).

e) Innovations & value added services

Apart from the properties mentioned here, we can also do various innovations to generate added attention & therefore increase message registration through various means like bottom sticky band on the index page, section branding etc.

We can also offer you a host of value added services intended to promote your products, services, events. We could assist you with sending out direct mailers, exposition brochures, customised databases, tele-marketing support & follow-up, secretarial setup & support, fax broadcast, banner exchanges on relevant industry websites etc.

The cost of sending out direct mailers would include the cost of database, printed labels, handling & service charges. The mailing/ courier charges would be payable on actual basis. The mailing material including envelopes would be provided by you.

f) Advertisement space in our industry leading print publications

We have our own print publishing program, and bring out research reports, sector specific updates, directories etc. For details of various titles, advertising options, please click here.

Advertise on

Over the last few years there has been a major shift towards advertising online. Increasingly, is emerging as a platform that all players having business interest in Indian Core Sectors would like to use to further their business. We have now embarked on an initiative to plug organizations into the Core Sector market through the business gateway and portal- We are inviting organisations with business interest in the Indian infrastructure & core sectors to reach out to a highly targeted and focussed audience by advertising on

If you have a product or service of interest to infrastructure & core sectors, could be an ideal place for you to advertise! With such a sharp focus, an advertisement in will have maximum effect: it will be seen by the people you want to reach, around the world.

There are a wide range of advertising opportunities. We can provide any ad package you require - a combination of types of ad and the pages they appear on. We can also advise you on a package that will give your ads the most effective exposure.

For further details, advert rates or any clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Fee Based Event Promotion Services

IndiaCore offers ideal offline and online platforms for event organisers to reach out to their prospects in the infrastructure & core sectors – exhibitors, delegates, visitors etc.

For details of various promotion services, please click here

Database of companies in core & infrastructure sectors

If you want to promote your product/ service/ event to a highly targeted audience in the Indian infrastructure sectors, we could assist you in your direct marketing campaigns by providing you with customised databases of your target segments. IndiaCore databases can go a long way in promoting your product/ service/ event among senior decision makers in the infrastructure industries.

For database options, please click here

Affiliates/ Cross links

We are keen to enter into arrangements with websites/ print publications that we feel complement ours. We will display your ad, logo or link free of charge, on the relevant page/s, in return for equivalent exposure of our ad on your website/ print publication.

For further details or any clarifications, please contact us outlining your requirements and we can provide the information you require.


1. Material required:

a) creative/ banners/ text content as per specs below
b) URL links that directly leads each creative/ banner/ logo to their respective information / promotional page. The advertiser can link to his web pages or we can provide a promotional page on our site.

2. Advert Specifications

Advertisement Properties Image Types Animation Allowed
Bottom Sticky Band on home page gif/ jpeg No
Bannner/ logo on home page gif/ jpeg No
Bannner/ logo on all except home page gif/ jpeg/ swf Yes
Banner/ logo in Electronic newsletter gif/ jpeg No
Exclusive digital mailers/ flyers gif/ jpeg No

3. All contents of the advertising campaign (including the landing page) are subject to approval by India Core.

4. Banner Campaigns on the site might take up to two weeks after receipt of the order to commence depending on the availability.

5. No changes to the content will be allowed once it has been provided to us and has been approved by us. Any subsequent changes are subject to mutual agreement.

6. For exclusive digital email blast the content & layout has to be provided in the agreed format

7. Please note the rates mentioned are our net rates. Agency commissions/ service fees are to be charged extra

8. Full payment to be made in advance alongwith advertisement release order. Please send your payment by Cheque/ Bank Draft drawn in favour of 'India Core Publishing' payable at New Delhi


Upcoming IndiaCore Organised/ Partnered/ Supported/ Endorsed Events

Coaltrans China 2019, April 8- 10, 2019 || Shangai, China


Tech Supply Chain Conference & Exposition 2019, April 11- 12, 2019 || Bengaluru, INDIA


5th World Heart Congress 2019, April 15- 16 2019 || Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ophthalmology Summit 2019, April 18– 19, 2019 || Rome, Italy


Pediatric Cardiology and Health 2019, April 22- 23 2019 || Madrid, Spain


RenewX 2019, April 26- 27, 2019|| Hyderabad, India

The 9th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair 2019, May 9- 11, 2019 || Guangzhou


13th China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition 2019, May 9- 11, 2019 || Guangzhou


ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2019, June 5- 8, 2019 || Bangkok, THAILAND


6th International Conference on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine 2019, June 17- 18, 2019 || Dublin, Ireland

31st Annual Cardiologists Conference 2019, June 17- 19, 2019 || Rome, Italy

Coaltrans Asia 2019, June 23- 25, 2019 || Nusa Dua, Indonesia


Coaltrans Poland 2019, June 2019

International Conference on Biomarkers and Clinical Research 2019, July 15- 16, 2019|| Abu Dhabi, UAE

India Surface Treatment and Finishing Expo 2019, August 8- 10, 2019 || New Delhi, INDIA


4th Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019 (GBF ASIA 2019), August 16- 18, 2019 || China

World Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Congress, September 9- 10, 2019 || Dubai, UAE

The 2nd POWER WEEK AFRICA 2019, September 9- 13, 2019 || Johannesburg


Coaltrans Asia Pacific 2019, September 2019

Coaltrans South Africa 2019, September 2019

Coaltrans Africa 2019, September 2019

Coaltrans School of Coal (Europe) 2019, September 2019 || Oxford,UK

Coaltrans Emerging Asian Coal Markets 2019, October/November 2019

32nd European Cardiology Conference, October 24- 26, 2019 || Zurich, Switzerland


World Infectious and Rare Diseases Congress (WIRC 2019), October 28-29, 2019|| Budapest, Hungary

The 5th POWER WEEK ASIA 2019, November 11- 15, 2019 || Singapore


13th International Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia 2019, November 14- 15, 2019|| Brisbane, Australia

World Conference on Vaccine and Immunology, November 21- 22, 2019 || Dubai, UAE

Road Infrastructure- Safety, Operation & Management, TBA || Mumbai. INDIA

Mining & Mineral Exploration Conclave- ‘Need for Modernisation & Capacity Enhancement in the Indian Mining Industry’, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

The Madhya Pradesh Agri Summit & Mela, (TBA) || Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh

'Thermal Power India’, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA


Indian Solar Thermal Energy & PV Conference, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

Energy Efficiency Forum, TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

Smart Energy & Smart Metering India- 'Convergence of IT, Automation, Control & Communication', TBA || New Delhi. INDIA

Tech Supply Chain Conference & Exposition 2019, April 11- 12, 2019 || Bengaluru, INDIA
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