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Policy & Regulatory Framework

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Title Overview of Power Sector in India 2005 (revised edition)
Publisher/ Author India Core Publishing
Year Published 2005
Format Paperback- spiral binding and a CD
Pages Pp 300
Delivery Indian as well as International Orders & Deliveries accepted
Product Code IPPR-116
Price in INR (for Indian Orders) 2000
Price in USD (for International Orders) 100

Book Details

'Overview of Power Sector in India' is the industry's annual reference source offering a holistic view of the developments taking place in the power sector. The Report analyses the prevailing scenario in the Indian power sector along-with the existing policy and regulatory framework. It tracks the growth and performance of the Indian power sector, the ongoing reform initiatives and offers statistical updates on generation, transmission & distribution areas.

The 'Players in the Power Sector' section lists the various organisations in the sector including central ministries, state power/ energy departments, electricity regulatory commissions, state organisations- electricity boards/ departments/ generation cos/ transmission cos/ distribution cos, state nodal agencies for renewable energy resources, central sector utilities etc.

Having received an overwhelming response, IndiaCore has now brought out the revised edition of the report. The report is available in print alongwith lot of useful information in CD.

Buyers of the current & previous editions include ABN AMRO, Alstom, American Express Bank, Amity Institute of Energy & Environment, APC, Asian Electronics Limited, Balasore Alloys, Balco, BF Utilities Limited, Centre for Wind Energy Technology, Colenco Power Engineering, Confederation of Indian Industry, Damodar Valley Corporation, DFID, Doosan, Economic Times Intelligence Group, Edelweiss Capital, EI Dupont, Embassy of Poland, Embassy of Spain, Enercon, EPCOS India Private Limited, Euro RSCG, Fichtner Consulting, Frost & Sullivan, Gammon India Limited, Grasim Industries Limited, Gujarat Gas Company Limited, High Commission of India in Singapore, Honeywell Automation India Limited, ICRA Limited, IIT- Kanpur, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IT Power India, ITMA, K E Burgmann Flexibles India Private Limited, Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, L & T - Sargent & Lundy Limited, LPS Bossard (P) Ltd, Lurgi (India) Ltd, MCC PTA India Corporation Private Limited, MPSEB, National Institute of Technology, NEG Micon (India) Private Limited, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited, NHPC, NTPC, Oil India Limited, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Petronet LNG Limited, Planning Commission, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Praxair, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Reliance Energy Limited, Rochling Engineering Plastics (India) Pvt Limited, Sandstone Capital Advisors Private Limited, Schlumberger, Sher E Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (k), Shree Cement Ltd, Shriram EPC Limited, Siemens Limited, Sintex Industries, Skanska International, SLS Power Industries Limited, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Tata Power Trading, Tata Projects Limited, Thermax, Thyssenkrupp Electrical, Ultra Tech Cement Ltd, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, US Library of Congress, Vestas RRB India Ltd, World Institute of Sustainable Energy, WWF-India amongst many others...


India: An Overview
- Indian Economy in World
- Key Economic Indicators
- Industrial Production Trends
- Performance in 2004- 05
- External Sector
- Capital Markets
- Inflation
- Economic Reforms
- Infrastructure Sectors
- Challenge & Opportunity
- The societal challenge and the delicate balance

Indian Power Sector
- Growth of Power Sector
- Electricity Consumption
- Unbalanced Growth & Shortages
- Blueprint for Power Sector Development
- Strategies to achieve 'Power for All'
- Historical Perspective
- Earlier Laws Governing the Power Sector
- A Time Line of the Indian Power Sector

Power Sector Reforms
- Background
- Crisis in the Power Sector
- Beginning of Economic Reforms & Privatisation of Generation
- Orissa Model of SEB reforms
- Common Minimum Program
- More Reform Initiatives
- Recent Initiatives by Ministry of Power

Power Sector Performance
- Performance/ Policy Initiatives during 2004- 05
- Year on Year Comparative Performance- 2004- 05 vs 2003- 04
- Comparative Performance of CPSUs
- Comparative Performance during last five Years 1998- 2003 vs 1993- 98
- Performance during 1998-2003

- All India Fuelwise Generating Installed Capacity
- Power Supply Position
- Peak Demand & Peak Met
- Plant Load Factor
- 16th Electric Power Survey (EPS) projections
- Capacity Addition Target & Achievement
- Xth plan Capacity Addition Target (Sectorwise)
- Measures to improve power generation
- Accelerated Generation & Supply Programme (AG&SP)
- Thermal Generation
- Captive Generation
- Hydro Generation
- Accelerating Development of Hydro Projects
- 50,000 MW Hydro initiative
- Nuclear Power

- Transmission Network as on August 31, 2005
- Augmenting Power Transmission Capability
- Inter regional power transfer
- Creation of National Grid
- Existing/ Proposed Inter- Regional Transfer Capacity (MW)
- Formation of SAARC Grid
- Central Transmission Utility- POWERGRID
- Measures to improve the transmission system
- Monitoring of grid discipline and grid issues
- Availability Based Tariff
- Open Access System
- Power Trading
- PTC India Limited (Power Trading Corporation )

- Energy Handled by Utilities
- Core Problem
- Financial losses reported by States
- Distribution Reforms
- Six Level Intervention Strategies
- District Level Distribution Improvement Plan
- 11KV Feeder as Profit Centre
- Capacity Building
- One Time Settlement of Outstanding SEBs' Dues
- Distribution Reform, Upgrades and Management (DRUM)
- Restructuring- Privatisation / Corporatisation
- Electricity Act 2003
- Rating of SEBs
- Elimination of Theft
- Metering & Billing
- High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS)
- GIS Based Mapping, Customer Indexing and Asset Coding
- Segregation of feeders
- Electricity Call Center
- Customer Service Center
- Online Collections
- Citizen Charter
- Energy audit
- Status of Power Sector Reforms (as on 31-03-2005)
- Status of Power Sector Reforms in States
- Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme (APDRP)

Non Conventional Energy Sources
- Power from Renewables
- Wind Power
- Small Hydro Power
- Solar Energy
- Biomass Energy and Cogeneration
- Biomass Gasification
- Energy from Waste
- New Technologies
- Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
- Biofuels
- Geothermal Energy
- Ocean Energy

Rural electrification
- Status
- Rural Households Electrification
- Definition of Village Electrification
- Rural Electrification Initiatives
- Rural Electricity Infrastructure and Household Electrification
- Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana (PMGY)
- Minimum Needs Programme
- Accelerated Rural Electrification Programme (AREP)
- Kutir Jyoti Programme (KJP)
- Accelerated electrification scheme of one lakh villages and one crore households
- Rural Electricity Supply Technology (REST) Mission
- Rural Electrification and Distribution Backbone (REDB)
- Distributed Generation
- Integrated Rural Energy Programme (IREP)
- Remote Village Electrification Programme
- Village Energy Security Program
- Rural Electrification in the Long Run

Renovation & Modernisation
- Renovation & Modernization for Thermal Power Stations
- National Perspective Plan for R&M and Life Extension (LE) of Thermal Power Stations
- R&M Programme during 10th Plan
- Renovation & Modernization for Hydro Power Stations
- Formulation of National Perspective Plan for Renovation, Modernisation, Uprating and Life Extension of Hydro Power Stations
- Programme for the year 2003-04:
- Achievement during the year 2003-04
- Incentives by the GoI

Energy Conservation
- Energy Conservation Act, 2001
- Indian Industry Programme for Energy Conservation (IIPEC)
- Standards & Labeling (S&L) Programme
- Demand Side Management (DSM)
- Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Establishments
- Energy Conservation Building Codes
- Professional Certification and Accreditation
- Manuals and Codes
- Energy Conservation Awareness
- Indo- German Energy Efficiency Project (Phase II)
- National Energy Conservation Awards

Electricity Act 2003
- Main features
- Possible Impacts of the Electricity Act 2003
- Policies to be Framed under The Electricity Act, 2003
- National Electricity Policy

Rating of SEBs-2004
- Parameters used
- Key Aspects
- Scores Assigned
- Score against T&D Parameter
- Last Assigned Scores

Private Participation in the Power Sector
- Financing for Power Sector Expansion Programmes
- Enabling Policy Framework
- Investment opportunities in Power Sector
- Investment Opportunities for Private Companies in Transmission
- Investment opportunities in Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Emerging Trends
- Renewed Interest from Private Companies
- New Entrants
- Mega Power Policy
- Farm Subsidies & Free Power
- New Draft Norm on Tariff based bidding
- Timeline to phase out cross-subsidies
- 100% FDI in Power Trading
- India Power Fund
- Investment support from World Bank
- Requirement of Distribution Equipment, Meters
- Commercial Consumers can take their pick
- Fuel Issues
- A turning point for electricity consumers?

Players in the Power Sector
- Organisation of an SEB
- Different Players
- Policy
- Generation
- Transmission
- Distribution
- Regulation
- Fuel Supply
- EPC Firms/ Equipment Suppliers
- Financing Institutions, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Rating Firms
- Foreign Lending to the Indian Power Sector
- Research and Professional Bodies
- Industry Organisations
- Contact Addresses of Central Ministries
- Key Contacts in Ministry of Power
- Contacts - State Power/ Energy Departments
- Electricity Regulatory Commissions
- State Organisations- Electricity Boards/Departments/ Generation Cos/ Transmission Cos/ Distribution Cos
- State Nodal Agencies for Renewable Energy Resources
- Central Sector Utilities / Organisations
- Websites of Electricity Regulatory Commissions
- Websites of State Organisations- Electricity Boards/Departments/ Energy Development Agencies/ Generation Cos/ Transmission Cos/ Distribution Cos
- Websites of Central Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations in the Public Sector
- Websites of Select Private Sector Players & Organisations

Statistical Profile of Indian Power Sector
1. Highlights of Power Sector during August, 2005
Target/ Achievement in Capacity Addition during August, 2005
Achievement in Generation during September, 2004
2. Capacity Addition during April- August, 2005
3. Energy Generation during April- August, 2005
4. Generation Capacity Addition during 2005- 2006
Capacity Addition during 2005- 2006 upto August 2005
5. All India Plant Load Factor (PLF)
List of Utility/ Organisation whose PLF achievement was lower than the target
6. Region / Fuel Wise Installed Power Generation Capacity as on August 31, 2005
7. State/Sector Wise Installed Generation Capacity as on August 31, 2005
8. Region/ Sector Wise Installed Capacity of Power Utilities as on August 31, 2005
9. Installed Capacity of Power Utilities in States/ UTs located in Northern Region including Allocated Shares in Joint & Central Sector Utilities as on August 31, 2005
10. Installed Capacity of Power Utilities in States/ UTs located in Western Region including Allocated Shares in Joint & Central Sector Utilities as on August 31, 2005
11. Installed Capacity of Power Utilities in States/ UTs located in Southern Region including Allocated Shares in Joint & Central Sector Utilities as on August 31, 2005
12. Installed Capacity of Power Utilities in States/ UTs located in Eastern Region including Allocated Shares in Joint & Central Sector as on August 31, 2005
13. Installed Capacity of Power Utilities in State/ UTs located in North-Eastern Region including Allocated Shares in Joint & Central Utilities as on August 31, 2005
14. Installed Capacity of Power Utilities in the Island as on August 31, 2005
15. Growth of Installed Generation Capacity since Sixth Plan
16. Capacity Addition Target for 10th Plan
17. Capacity Addition Target/ Achievement during 10th Plan (Year wise)
18. Hydro Electric Schemes Cleared by CEA during August, 2005
19. Coal Supply & Stock Position in Thermal Power Stations
20. Rural Electrification
21. Statewise Village Electrification
22. Towns Electrified
23. Actual Power Supply Position during April- August, 2005
24. Peak Demand/ Peak Met during April- August, 2005
25. Power Cuts on Industries during August, 2005
26. Power Supply to Agricultural Sector during September, 2004
27. Transmission Lines (Target & Achievement)
400 kV & 220 kV Sub- Stations (Target & Achievement)
28. Transmission Works Completed during August 2005
A. Transmission Lines
B. Sub- Stations
29. Growth of Transmission Sector since 6th Plan
A. Transmission Lines
B. Sub- Stations
Transmission Network as on August 31, 2005
30. Powergrid Map
31. Transmission Network- Major Grid Substations of Powergrid
32. Inter Regional Transfer Capacity
A. Existing
B. Proposed Additions in Inter Regional Transfer Capacity by 2011- 12
33. Transmission and Distribution Network- Line length (in 2003- 04)
34. Details of Transmission Lines Statewise (2003- 04)
35. Distribution Network Statewise
36. Electrical Energy Generated, Purchased, Sold and Lost (All India Utilities) during 2003- 04
37. Electrical Energy Lost in Transmission & Distribution during 2003- 04
38. Statewise System Losses during 2003- 04
39. Gross Annual Per Capita Consumption of Electricity during 2003- 04
40. Inter- State Transfers of Electrical Energy during 2003- 04
41. Consumption of Fossil Fuels for Electricity Generation in Thermal Power Plants during 2003- 04
A: In Steam Stations
B: In Gas & Diesel Stations
42. Operating Data for Steam Type Electricity Generation Plants (Utilities) during 2003- 04

- Annexure 1- Projects having TEC of CEA
- Annexure 2- Private Power Projects Fully Commissioned
- Annexure 3- Private Power Projects Under Development
- Annexure 4- Contact Details of Promoters of Private Sector Schemes
- Annexure 5- Schemes covered under 50000 MW Hydro-electric Initiative
- Annexure 6- Proposed Gas based Projects


Annexures in CD
- Annexure 7- Electricity Act 2003 (pdf format)
- Annexure 8- 50,000 MW Hydroelectric Initiatives- 2003 (pdf format)
- Annexure 9- Act- Energy Conservation 2001 (word format)
- Annexure 10- APDRP Scheme- 2002 (pdf format)
- Annexure 11- Blueprint for Power Sector Development- 2001 (pdf format)
- Annexure 12- Draft National Electricity Policy- june 2004 (pdf format)
- Annexure 13- Electricity Regulatory Commission Act- 1998 (word format)
- Annexure 14- Report- Deepak Parekh Committee on State Specific Reforms- 2002 (pdf format)
- Annexure 15- Report- Gokak Committee on Distributed Generation- 2001 (pdf format)
- Annexure 16- Report- IT Taskforce for Power Sector 2002 (pdf format)
- Annexure 17- Report- Kohli- Committee on Financing of Power Sector 2002 (pdf format)
- Annexure 18- Report- Rating of SEBs- 2004 (pdf format)
- Annexure 19- IEGC- grid code- dec1999 (pdf format)
- Annexure 20- ABT Order- jan2000 (pdf format)
- Annexure 21- CERC Regulations for Open Access in Inter-State Transmission- jan2004 (pdf format)
- Annexure 22- CERC trading licence regulations- jan2004 (pdf format)
- Annexure 23- CERC Regulations- Tariff Policy- mar2004 (pdf format)
- Annexure 24- Draft Regulations on Grant of Transmission License- sep2004 (pdf format)
- Annexure 25- National Electricity Policy 2005 (pdf format)
- Annexure 26- Draft Rural Electrification Policy (pdf format)
- Annexure 27- Monthly Power Generation Report- july05 (pdf format)
- Annexure 28- National Master Plan for Waste-to-Energy Program (pdf format)
- Annexure 29- Electricity Rules 2005 (pdf format)
- Annexure 30- Distribution Policy Committee Report- 2002 (pdf format)
- Annexure 31- a- India_Power_Map- Power Grid Lines (gif format)
- Annexure 31- b- India_Power_Map- Power Grid Lines- northern_region (gif format)
- Annexure 31- c- India_Power_Map- Power Grid Lines- western_region (gif format)
- Annexure 31- d- India_Power_Map- Power Grid Lines- southern_region (gif format)
- Annexure 31- e- India_Power_Map- Power Grid Lines- north_eastern_region (gif format)
- Annexure 31- f- India_Power_Map- Power Grid Lines- eastern_region (pdf format)

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1. Through Cheque/ Demand Draft drawn in favor of 'International Publications & Information Services' payable at New Delhi, INDIA
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3. Through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking using our Online Payment Gateway
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5. Cash/ Credit Card/ Debit Card at our office

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