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Title Overview of Coal Sector in India 2007
Publisher/ Author India Core Publishing
Year Published 2008
Format Paperback- spiral binding and a CD
Pages Pp 250
Delivery Indian as well as International Orders & Deliveries accepted
Product Code IPPR-119
Price in INR (for Indian Orders) 2000
Price in USD (for International Orders) 100

Book Details

This comprehensive review of the Indian coal sector analyses the prevailing scenario in the Indian coal sector alongwith existing policy & regulatory framework. The report offers details on the domestic supply in India and forecast scenarios on coal demand. It also includes statistical updates and performance of coal companies. The 'Players in the Coal Sector' section lists the key organisations in the sector.

This report is a must for those seeking to understand the Indian coal scene and looking to develop sales into a dynamic growing market.


1 Indian Coal Sector

• Destination India
• Coal: Choice for Indian Energy
• Policy Framework
• Eligibility to do Coal Mining
• Coal Mining Lease under the Mines and Minerals (Regulation & Development) Act, 1957
• Inventory of Geological Resources of Coal in India
• Categorisation of Resources
• Status of Coal Resources in India during last Five Years
• Sectoral Growth over Years
• Productivity during 9th, 10th Five Year Plan
• Demand & Indigenous Supply Mismatch
• Key Challenges facing the Sector
• The India Opportunity

2 Historical Perspective

• Nationalisation of Coal Mines
• Legislative History of Coal Mining
• Amendment to allow Captive Coal Mining
• Coal India (Regulation of Transfers and Validation) Act, 2000
• Amendment to the Coal Mines (Nationalization) Act, 1973 to promote non-captive mining of coal

3 Coal Demand & Supply Performance- 9th & 10th Plan

• Ninth Five Year Plan period (1997-2002) Coal Demand
• Coal Production during 9th Five Year Plan
• Ninth Five Year Plan Outlay
• Plan Expenditure during 9th Five Year Plan
• Neyveli Lignite Corporation- 9th Five Year Plan
• NLC Expenditure during 9th Five Year Plan
• 10th Five Year Plan period (2002-07) Coal Demand
• Production in 10th Five Year Plan
• Production and Supply during 2006-07
• Tenth Five Year Plan Outlay
• Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC)- 10th Five Year Plan
• NLC Expenditure- 10th Five Year Plan
• Demand and Supply Performance

4 Projected Coal Demand & Supply Scenario- 11th Plan & beyond

• Different Perspective Coal Demand Scenarios for 11th Plan & beyond
• Coal Demand Assessment by Working Group in 11th Plan
• Analysis of Sector wise Demand Estimates for 11th plan
• Projected Coal Supply during 11th plan
• Assessed demand vis-à-vis Indegeneous supply projection
• Company-Wise Coal Production Trend
• Capital Outlay for 11th plan
• Coal Demand for 12th Plan
• Production Projection– 11th Plan & 12th Plan
• Coking Coal Reserves & Availability
• Measures to improve the availability of coking coal
• Sector-wise Summary for Demand and Supply in 2011-12 as per Working Group

5 Coal Exploration

• Regional and Promotional Exploration
• Detailed Exploration
• Detailed Exploration in Non-CIL Blocks in 2006- 07
• Promotional Exploration in 2006- 07
• Captive Coal Mining Blocks
• Exploration Activities of CMPDI
• Drilling in 2006- 07
• Promotional Drilling by CMPDI
• Review of Coal Bed Methane Exploration
• UNDP/ Global Environment Facility (GEF) & GoI Project- Coal bed Methane Recovery and Commercial Utilisation
• Review of Coal and Lignite Exploration in 10th Plan
• Allocation of Funds during 10th Plan for Exploration
• Status of Projectisation and Meeting of Production Needs of 10th Plan and Subsequent Plans
• Exploration Programme for 11th Plan for Coal and Lignite
• Capabilities of Exploration Agencies and Private Sector Participation
• Need for Enhancement of Capacities in Government PSUs
• Financial Outlays of Exploration Programme for 11th Plan
• Thrust Areas for Exploration

6 Marketing & Distribution of Coal

• Coal Linkage Policy
• Distribution of Coal to Core Sector
• Linkage Committee
• Distribution of Coking Coal to Steel Plants
• Supply of Coal to Bulk Consumers
• Coal Despatches and Stocks
• Distribution of Coal to Non-Core Sector
• Special Smokeless Fuel Plant
• E-marketing bv Coal Companies of CIL
• Distribution of Hard Coke
• Coal Consumers Councils
• Export of Coal
• Import of Coal
• Reasons for import of coal

7 Coal Movement Network

• Rail Movement
• Rail-Cum-Sea-Movement
• Coal Movement during 11th plan
• Railways Infrastructure Development
• Coastal Movement
• Port Movement

8 Coal Projects Appraisal & Monitoring

• Sanctioned Projects- Since Nationalization till 2006
• Projects Sanctioning- Delegation of Power
• Projects Sanctioned During 2006- 2007
• Projects Monitoring At Government Level
• Reasons for Slippage in the Implementation of Projects
• Measures Taken to Improve Project Implementation

9 Policy & Reform Initiatives in the Coal Sector

• Key Challenges facing the Sector
• Key Reforms Measures Required
• Policy & Reform Initiatives
• Suggestions & Recommendations of Working Group

10 Safety, Welfare & HR Issues

• Safety Monitoring in Coal Mines
• Accident Scenario in Indian Coalmines
• Safety Statistics in Coal Mines
• Measures adopted to reduce the number of accidents
• Changing Scenario of Indian Mining Industry – Some Critical Safety Issues
• Strategies for Action by the Working Group
• Manpower
• Critical Areas
• Corporate HRD Plan
• Wages in Coal Sector
• Welfare Measures
• Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy

11 Coal Pricing & Royalty

• Coal Pricing Deregulation
• Coal Pricing Rationalisation
• Royalty
• Legal Provisions on Royalty
• Coal royalty rates during 1971-2002
• Methodology for fixing royalty Rates
• Recommendations of 1997 Study Group on Royalty
• Reasons for not revising the royalty rates on coal in 1997-98
• Recommendations of Study Group 2000 on royalty
• Revision of Royalty on Lignite
• Fresh Revision of Royalty Rates
• Coal Company-wise Royalty paid to State Governments

12 Coal Conservation

• Coal Mines (Conservation and Development) Act 1974
• Collection of SED
• Coal Conservation Measures
• Sand Stowing
• Control of Jharia Coalfield Mine Fires
• Subsidence Problem in Raniganj Coalfield

13 Coal Beneficiation

• Availability of Raw Coking coal as Washery Feed
• Performance of Washeries
• Non Coking Coal Washeries in India
• Washed Non Coking Coal Production Projection – 11th Plan
• Coking Coal Washeries
• Washed Coking Coal Production Projection – 11th Plan
• Initiatives taken by Coal India Limited for setting up of coal Washeries
• Promotion of Coal Washing in India

14 Opening of Coal Sector & Captive Coal Mining

• Legal Framework
• Case for Opening the Coal Sector
• Captive Coal Mining
• Allocation of Coal Blocks for Captive Mining
• Mining in Allotted Blocks
• Foreign Participation in the Coal Sector
• International Co-Operation in Indian Coal Sector
• Acquisition of Coal Properties Abroad

15 Investments in the Coal Sector

• Capital Outlay for Ministry of Coal for 10th Plan
• Capital investment requirement for 11th Plan of Coal India Limited
• Capital investment requirement for 11th Plan of SCCL
• Projected Resource Position for XI Five Year Plan

16 Research & Development and Emerging Technologies

• Status of R&D Projects
• Future Research Projects
• Expansion of Research Base
• R&D Initiatives- Projection for 11th Plan
• Emerging Technologies
• In-Situ Coal Gasification
• Coal liquefaction
• Carbon Sequestration

17 Statistical Profile

• Number of Mines– Company Wise
• Number of Mines– Sector Wise
• Number of Mines– State Wise
• Comparative Statistics- Coal and Lignite Production, OMS, Despatches & Stock
• Washeries in Operation in India
• Coking Coal Washeries
• Non Coking Coal Washeries
• Washeries Proposed/ Under Expansion on CIL’s Land
• Performance of Washeries/ Washed Coking Coal Production during the Last Five Years
• Coking and Non-Coking Coal Production during last Five years
• Output Perman Shift (OMS)
• Projects Sanctioned by CIL & its Subsidiaries/ SCCL Grades of Coal in India
• Manpower in CIL & Subsidiaries
• Company-Wise Coal Production from 2000 onwards
• Working Results of Coal India Ltd
• Production, Despatch and Stock of Coal
• Company-Wise Coal Despatches during last Five Years
• Details of vendible Coal Stocks with Coal Companies in the last five years
• Consumerwise Offtake of Coal from CIL, SCCL and Others for last Five Year
• Transport of Coal and Coal Products Excluding Coal Used for Colliery Consumption

18 Organisations in the Coal Industry

• Ministry of Coal
• Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries
• CIL Background
• Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL)
• South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL)
• Western Coalfields Limited (WCL)
• Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL)
• Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL)
• Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL)
• Central Coalfields Limited (CCL)
• North Eastern Coalfields (NEC)
• Central Mine Planning And Design Institute Ltd (CMPDIL)
• Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL)
• Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (NLC)
• Organisations under the Administrative Control of Ministry Of Coal
• Coal Controller’s Organisation
• Commissioner of Payments
• Coal Mines Provident Fund Organistion
• Private Coal Mining Companies

19 Useful Contacts & Websites

• Ministry of Coal
• Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries
• Qualified Person to prepare Mining Plans
• Websites of Select Organisations


Annexures in CD

• Annexure 1- Ministry of coal- organisational chart (pdf format)
• Annexure 2- Ministry of Coal- performance budget 05-06 (pdf format)
• Annexure 3- Coal Bearing Areas Acquisition & Development Act-notification (pdf format)
• Annexure 4- Coal Bearing Areas Acquisition & Development Act, 1957 (pdf format)
• Annexure 5- The Coking Coal Mines (EmergencyProvisions) Act, 1971 (pdf format)
• Annexure 6- The Coking Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act, 1972 (pdf format)
• Annexure 7- The Coal Mines (Taking Over of Management) Act,1973 (pdf format)
• Annexure 8- The Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act (26 of 1973) (pdf format)
• Annexure 9- The Coking & Non Coking Coal Mines (Nationalization) Amendment Act, 1973 (pdf format)
• Annexure 10- Coal Mines (Conservation & Development) Act, 1974 (pdf format)
• Annexure 11- The Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Amendment Act, 1976 (pdf format)
• Annexure 12- The Coal Mines Nationalisation Laws (Amendment) Act 1978 (pdf format)
• Annexure 13- Coal Mines Provident Fund Scheme (pdf format)
• Annexure 14-The Coal Mines Nationalisation Law (Amendment) Act, 1986 (pdf format)
• Annexure 15- Colliery Control Order 2000 (pdf format)
• Annexure 16- Colliery Control Order2000-notification (pdf format)
• Annexure 17- Guidelines for setting up Coal Washeries on Coal Company Land (pdf format)
• Annexure 18- Coal Mines Family Pension Scheme, 1971 (pdf format)
• Annexure 19- List of Mining Blocks and SubBlocks for Private Mining (pdf format)
• Annexure 20- Additional 81 Blocks from CIL for Private end use (pdf format)
• Annexure 21- Colliery Control Rules 2004 (pdf format)
• Annexure 22- Integrated Energy Policy- complete report
• Annexure 23- Analysis of Sector wise Demand Estimates for 11th plan
• Annexure 24- Geophysical Surveys, Hydrogeological Studies etc
• Annexure 25- Coal-Reserves-in-India.gif
• Annexure 26- Suggested Measures for Improved Formulation & Implementation of Projects.doc
• Annexure 27- Ministry of Coal- Outcome Budget- 07-08
• Annexure 28- Ministry of Coal- Performance Budget- 06-07 (pdf format)
• Annexure 29- Recognition of Qualified Person to prepare Mining Plans (pdf format)
• Annexure 30- Notification regarding Under Ground Coal Gasification Liquefaction (pdf format)
• Annexure 31- Notification regarding revision of rates of royalty on coal and lignite (pdf format)
• Annexure 32- Details of Coal Blocks Allotted as on 06.11.2007

Postage/ Courier/ Shipping & Handling Charges

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3. Through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking using our Online Payment Gateway
4. VPP (Value Paid on Postage) of Indian Postal Department or CVC (Consignment Value Collect) offered by some courier Companies in certain locations in India
5. Cash/ Credit Card/ Debit Card at our office

1. Online ordering and payment through credit card/ debit card/ net banking

A: For International Order & Deliveries

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