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February 2- 3, 2006; Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. INDIA

Day 1 (February 2, 2006)

0900 hrs – 1000 hrs Tea/ Registration

1000 hrs – 1100 hrs Inauguration of the Conference
Welcome address by Mr A K Sah, Former CMD, NTPC Ltd
Keynote address by Dr S K Chopra, Senior Advisor, MNES
Presidential address by Mr Rakesh Nath, Chairman, Central Electricity Authority
Inaugural Address by Mr R V Shahi, Secretary- Power, Government of India

1100 hrs – 1120 hrs Tea

Session I


- Water Resource Availability & Utilisation- Future Prospects
- Pumped Storage Schemes- Technology, Cost and Benefit
- Renovation, Modernisation and Capacity Upgradation of Existing Power Plants

Session Chairman- A K Goswami, Former Secretary, Water Resources

- A B Giri, CMD, Uttaranchal Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited- ‘Water Resource Availability & Utilization- Future Prospects’
- S C Mahajan, Member (Power), BBMB- ‘Renovation, Modernisation & Upgradation’
- F Lemperiere, Hydrocoop, France- ‘Cost Savings in High Dams Designs’
- J N Gaur, Director, J P Hydro Power Ltd- ‘Hydro Power Development & Private Sector Participation’
- Sultan Alam, Consultant, La Couchoua, France- ‘Sedimentation Management in hydro projects- Good use of lessons Learnt from Unsuccessful Experiences’
- Vijay Chopra, GM, Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd

1245 hrs – 1330 hrs Lunch

Session II


- Potential, Prospects and Programmes
- Renewable Energy Sources- Solar, Wind, Bio-fuels, Ocean
- Bio Mass, Energy from Waste
- Cogeneration- Economics, Potential and Programme
- Distributed Generation
- Energy Conservation and Demand side Management
- Impact of Energy Conservation Act

Session Chairman- Mr A K Gupta, Advisor, Ministry of Non- Conventional Sources

- S P G Choudhury, Director, WBREDA- ‘Renewable Energy Sources- Solar, Wind & Ocean’
- H R Sharma, Former Member- CEA & Adviser, Government of Mauritius- ‘Clean and Renewable Energy Resources- with special reference to Hydro & Ocean Energy & Mauritius Experience’
- K P Sukumaran, Adviser, Ministry of Non- Conventional Energy Sources- ‘Wind Energy in India- Potential & Prospects’
- B Bandyopadhyay, Advisor & Head- Solar Energy Center, Ministry of Non- Conventional Energy Sources-‘Solar Energy’
- Mr Praveen Saxena, Director, Ministry of Non- Conventional Energy Sources- ‘Micro Hydel’
- Suresh Aggarwal, Director, Ministry of Non- Conventional Energy Sources- ‘Distributed Generation for Rural Electrification’
- M G Rasul, Deputy Head - School of Advanced Technologies and Processes, Central Queensland University, Australia- ‘Solar Assisted Desalination Technology for Water Recycling’

1515 hrs – 1545 hrs Tea

Session III


- Coal based Power Generation- Prospects of achieving 60:40 Hydro Thermal mix for sustainable development
- Gas Based Power Generation- Availability of Resources and Future Prospects
- Nuclear Power Generation- Need for major technological breakthrough- International Cooperation
- Private Sector Participation in Nuclear Power Generation- International Experience

Session Chairman- A K Sah, Former CMD, NTPC

- R N Prashar, Principal Secretary & Chairman, Haryana Power Generation Corporation
- T Sankaralingam, Director- Project, NTPC
- Ravi Kumar, Director (Power), BHEL- ‘Gas Based Power Generation- Recent Development’
- Ramesh T Yavagal, GM, ALSTOM Projects India Ltd- ‘Mitigating Chronic Problems and Modernising Existing Pulverised Fuel boilers with Low Nox Emission Technology’
- R K Anand, DGM, BHEL -R&M- ‘Thermal Power Stations Significance to Green Power’
- Aditya Chaudhary, Fluent India Pvt. Ltd- ‘CFD: Impacting the Bottom-line of the Power Industry’
- Jaydeep Nag, Sr Manager, NTPC- ‘Co firing of biomass with Coal- A perspective’
- K.Janakiraman, Manager & D.S. Krishnamoorthy, AGM, BHEL- ‘Process developments that led to commissioning of Green field Thermal Power Project without the requirement of an auxiliary Boiler’
- D Mukherjee, Deputy Chief Engineer, DVC- ‘FGMO (Free Governor Mode Operation)- the Ultimate Concept in Making the Green Power Revolution- a reality in India’

Day 2 (February 3, 2006)

0930 hrs onwards

Session IV


- National Grid- Technology, Cost and Reliability
- Load Despatch and Demand Management- Developments at National and State levels
- Essentials for Creation of Model Distribution Utilities- Initiatives taken by Government through APDRP
- Rural Electrification
- Case Studies of Privatisation of Distribution Systems- NPCL, BSES, NDPL- A review of Key Performance Indicators (KPls)

Session Chairman- V Ramakrishna, Member (PS), Central Electricity Authority

- Arun Goyal, CMD, Delhi Transco Limited- ‘Need for Distribution Reforms- Delhi Experience in Privatisation of Distribution’
- A K Sah, Former CMD, NTPC- ‘Distribution Reforms Upgrade and Management (DRUM)- A case study of Aurangabad Urban Distribution System’
- V Ramakrishna, Member (PS), CEA- ‘System for Development of efficient Transmission & Distribution’
- M V Krishna Rao, Director, Global Energy Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd - ‘Load Dispatch and Demand Management’
- Sudhir Mohan, Adviser, MNES- ‘Distributed Generation for Remote Village Electrification’
- Shirish Sinha, Principal Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers- ‘Managing Rural Electrification’
- Anjuli Chandra, Director, CEA- ‘Reduction of Transmission and Distribution losses- a viable option for funding under Clean Development Mechanism in the Indian context’
- Alex K Mathews, Research Analyst & K Sasidharan, Geojit Securities Ltd-: ‘Use of Weather Derivatives for Optimization of Profitability of State Electricity Boards- A Case Study on Kerala State Electricity Board ’

1110 hrs – 1130 hrs Tea

Session V


- Relief, Rehabilitation and Resettlement on Hydro Projects
- Ecological Impact on Flora and Fauna on Hydro Projects
- Thermal Power Projects- Environmental Impact, Liquid Waste and Effluent Management
- Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Markets
- Afforestation and Green Belt Management

Session Chairman- S K Chaturvedi, Director, NHPC

- S K Chaturvedi, Director, NHPC- ‘Afforestation and Green Belt Management’
- Ms Nicola Steen, Managing Director- India, CO2e- 'Certifed Emission Reductions - Closing Deals and Liberating Finance'
- T K Dhar, Former ED, NTPC- ‘Relief, Rehabilitation and Resettlement on Hydro Projects’
- Dipankar Ghosh, Managing Consultant, Ernst & Young- ‘Carbon Revenue for Indian Green Power Industry- a Perspective’
- Raman Uberoi, Director- Corporate & Infrastructure Rating, CRISIL- ‘Climate Change Credit Survey: A Study of Emmissions Trading, Nuclear Power, and Renewable Energy’
- R C Nakul, Chief Engineer, Central Electricity Authority
- Dr J P N Giri, Suptdg. Chemist ONGC & Founder- Aaditya Energy Foundation- ‘Socio- economic Modeling on Environmental Sustainability of Carbon Economy in 21st Century’
- Mohammad Taher Bustani, Forest and Pasture Land Expert Iran – ‘The effect of plant cover on the abundance and variety of birds in Orzooieh in Baft’

1315 hrs – 1400 hrs Lunch

Session VI


- Energy Security through International Cooperation and Regional Electricity Systems
- Power Project Financing- Assuring Financial Viability of Power Utilities
- Role of Electricity Regulators
- Electricity Trading and E.Commerce
- Introducing Modern Management Systems with Information Technology and trained Human Resource for High Quality Customer Services

Session Chairman- P S Bami, Former CMD- NTPC & President, India Energy Forum

- P S Bami, Former CMD- NTPC & President, India Energy Forum- ‘Power Project Financing- Assuring Financial Viability of Power Utilities- Role of Electricity Regulators
- J Sridharan, Director (Finance), PGCIL- ‘Financing- Assuring Financial Viability of Power Utilities’
- T R Dhaka, Member, Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission- ‘Role of Electricity Regulators in Assuring Financial Viability of power Utilities’
- A S Bakshi, Chief Engineer, CEA- ‘Energy Security’
- Jayant Chaterjee, Manager, Corporate Development, ICF Consultants- ‘Energy Security Concerns & Challenges for India & the Need for an International Approach’

1515 hrs – 1535 hrs Tea

Session VII


Session Chairman- C V J Varma, Hon. President- ICOLD & President- CPU & AESIEAP

• C V J Varma, President, CPU
• F Lemperiere, HydroCoop- France
• Sultan ALAM, Consultant, La Couchoua- France
• A K Goswami, Former Secretary Water Resources
• S P Sen, Director (Technical), NHPC
• G V Rao, Fellow Professor- Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi
• M M Madan, ED, NHPC
• H N Singh, Chief Engineer (Design), NTPC Hydro Ltd
• T Ramamurthy, Former Prof IIT Delhi
• S B Sharma, S Engineer, BBMB

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