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Council of Power Utilities

International Conference
Sustainable Energy Development for Improved Quality of Life

October 16- 17, 2003; Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. INDIA

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World Council of Power Utilities
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Green Power 5



www.IndiaCore.com is pleased to announce that the International Conference- 'Green Power 4- Sustainable Energy Development for Improved Quality of Life'- the fourth in a series of successful biennial Conferences was a great success with senior level particpation from a broad spectrum of the Power Industry including senior Government functionaries and Industry leaders. The Conference was organised by www.IndiaCore.com, World Council of Power Utilities and Council of Power Utilities from October 16- 17, 2003 at New Delhi, India.

International Conference- Green Power 5

The fifth in the series- 'Green Power 5' will be held from February 2- 3, 2006 in New Delhi. INDIA. We look forward to your participation in the 5th edition of this successful series of biannual Conferences. For more details, click here.

Highlights of Green Power 4

The Conference offered a unique opportunity of two days full of informative and innovative conference sessions, and many networking opportunities. It provided direct access to policy makers, decision taking authority and senior executives of power sector and various utilities as also manufacturers & consultants.

Mr R V Shahi, Secretary, Ministry of Power inaugurated the Conference.

More than 250 organisations and 400 delegates participated in the Conference. Some of the prominent speakers & participants were:

1. Mr R V Shahi, Secretary, Ministry of Power
2. Mr Arvind Jadhav, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Power
3. Mr H.L.Bajaj, Chairman, Central Electricity Authority
4. Dr. B.S.K.Naidu, Director General, National Power Training Institute
5. Mr Jagdish Sagar, Chairman & Managing Director, Delhi Transco Ltd
6. Mr Rakesh Nath, Chairman, BBMB
7. Mr S P G Chaudhari, Director, WBREDA
8. Dr Rahul Tongia, Asst. Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
9. Mr B S Banafar, Chairman, Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board
10. Mr Y N Apparao, CMD, Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited
11. Mr Anil Sardana, CEO, North Delhi Power Limited
12. Mr K Jothiramalingam, MD, Karnataka Power Corporation Limited
13. Dr. E.V.R.Sastry, Adviser, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
14. Dr. S.K.Chopra, Sr. Adviser, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
15. Mr V K Pandit, Former Secretary, Ministry of Power
16. Dr Jaynarayan Vyas, Former Chairman, Sardar Sarovar Project
17. Mr V S Verma, Member (Planning), Central Electricity Authority
18. Mr G K Pharlia, Member (Hydro), Central Electricity Authority
19. Mr Binay Kumar, Director (Personnel), NHPC
20. Mr A.K.Sah, Former CMD, NTPC
21. Mr P S Bami, Former CMD, NTPC
22. Ms Neetu Hooda, Conservator of Forest, ICFR&E
23. Mr Atul Srivastava, ADG (EDu), ICFR&E
24. Dr G D Gautama, Former Chairman, WBSEB
25. Mr V S Verma, Member (Hydro), Central Electricity Authority
26. Dr (Ms) Usha Bhat, Chief Environment, NHPC
27. Mr R C Yavagal, GM, Alstom Projects India Limited
28. Mr D G Kadkade, Chief Adviser, Jaiprakash Industries Ltd
29. Mr R.Nedungkeeran, Dy. Chief Engineer, Neyveli Lignite Corporation
30. Mr Ajit K.Gupta, Adviser, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
31. Mr Bal Mukand, Executive Director (Planning), NHPC
32. Mr Singsit, Deputy Director General (Research), Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
33. Mr B.G.Rudrappa, Former Chairman, Karnataka Electricity Board & Chairman, Technical Advisory Committee, KPTCL
34. Mr Mata Prasad, Former Adviser, ABB & Distinguished Member, CIGRE
35. Mr Jagdishwar Nath Gaur, Director, Jaiprakash Hydro Power Limited
36. Mr Narendra Singh, President, Jaiprakash Industries Limited
37. Mr Rabindra Misra, Chief Executive, Indian Aluminium Company Limited
38. Mr Jay Narayan VYas, Chairman, Saket Projects Limited
39. Dr Sujata Gupta, Member of the Methodologies Panel of CDM Executive Board, UNFCC & Project Economist- Energy, Asian Development Bank
40. Mr V S Ailawadi, Former Chairman, Haryana Electricty Regulatory Commission

The earlier Conferences in the biennial series on Green Power were also well received.

  • 1st International Conference on ‘Green Power- The Need for 21st Century' at New Delhi (India) in February 1997
  • 2nd International Conference on 'Accelerated Development of Hydro Power Resources in the 21st Century' at Three Gorges Project Site, China in October 1999
  • 3rd International Conference on ‘Eco Friendly and Efficient Power Development in the New Century’ at New Delhi (India) in November 2001

Delegates from both developed and developing countries participated in these conferences and discussed technological advancement that had taken place in power generation in the area of improved efficiency and environment.


Amongst the problems that confront the Power utilities/ developers regarding sustainable power development are issues like raising new capital, refurbishment of existing assets for maximizing output, acquiring new technologies/ expertise for upgradation of standard of design & manufacture, installation and operation & maintenance of such assets etc, environmental concerns etc. Certain environmental concerns transcend the local/ regional ambit and have global consequences- the most important of them being emission of green house gases.

GREEN POWER 4' provided a forum where all these concerns were discussed and where the utilities, investors, designers, equipment suppliers, consultants, environmentalists and other interested agencies/ experts interacted on all facts related to the industry.


During the year 1999, the World energy generation was 9722.55 Mtoe*, where as in Developed (OECD) countries the generation was 3790.28 Mtoe and that of Asia was 933.61Mtoe**. The electricity per capita consumption was respectively 2280, 7841 and 519. India had a generation of 409.79 Mtoe and the electricity per capita consumption of 419. The demand for energy in India is growing at the rate of over 6%. The present installed capacity is about 104,000 MW with peaking shortage of about 12.2% and energy shortage of 8.1%.

The future power requirement are expected to increase at the rate of 7% compounded and the additional capacity of about 52000 MW is required to be added during 10th Plan and about 100000 MW in 10-12 years from now. India, therefore offers a big market in all the fields of power development, renovation and modernization of old units, transmission and distribution of electricity and consultancy etc. for a larger participation by private sector. It is important that growth models that are followed should lead to sustainable energy development for improved quality of life.

* excludes Netherlands, Antilles and DPR of Korea
** excludes China and DPR of Korea


The major objective of this Conference was to provide a forum for:

- Sharing of experiences of major manufacturers of power plant equipment, engineering consultants, academicians, environmentalists and leading utilities in the world in the area of eco-friendly power generation, water resources development
- Discussing environmental concerns some of which transcend the local/ regional ambit and have global consequences.
- Discussions regarding technological advancement that are taking place in power generation in the areas of improved efficiency and environment.
- Developing close working relationship between experts from users and developers of power units and all other concerned for future consultations, assessment of problems and for finding out remedial solutions.


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